FAQ: (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What is Second Job Online?

A: Second Job Online is a training course that shows members how to earn a simple, steady income online.

Q: If I join, will I be employed by Second Job Online?

A: No. Second Job Online is an educational course. It is not an offer of employment.

Q: How do I make money?

A: You will be signing up with third party websites and performing jobs for them and they will pay you for doing so.

Q: Will I make an hourly wage or salary?

A: No. You will be paid when you complete jobs similar to a freelancer.

Q: How much money can I make with Second Job Online?

A: That depends on a variety of factors, but mostly it comes down to how much time you put in and how hard you work- just like any other job. Most people who put in at least 10 hrs/week will be able to work up to making an extra $1000/month or more.

Q: Can I really make $200 or more in my first day?

A: Yes, you can make money within minutes of joining. The quickstart guide (module 1) will show you some jobs you can complete right away and make back your investment in this course plus profit from day 1.

Q: Why is there a cost to join?

A: It costs money to create a website, (domain, hosting, plugins, etc) plus there is my time putting together all the information. The fee helps to cover the costs of running the site.

Q: Are there any recurring or monthly fees for Second Job Online?

A: No. One payment of $97 gets you lifetime access, including future updates.

Q: Is this just another survey database?

A: No. There are 7 different modules or methods of making money in the course right now complete with step by step videos and instructions. Yes, taking surveys is one of the methods, but there is much more.

Q: Will I have to invest money to make money after I buy this course?

A: No. There are a few methods where you can accelerate your earnings quite quickly by reinvesting what you make, but they are completely optional.